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This site's purpose is to present Math activities for elementary and middle school teachers and students.   It is a work in progress -- activities and assignments are being added continuously   (Last update:  3/23/13).

The emphasis is on the use of hands-on activities using commonly available manipulatives and materials -- Base 10 Blocks, rulers and meter sticks, Fraction Towers, Cuisenaire Rods, grids, and the like -- to introduce ideas and provide a bridge between the concrete and the conceptual.

The activities are downloadable as classroom-ready PDF documents.

PLEASE NOTE:   On March 22, I opened a page at the Teachers Pay Teachers site, and have begun offering activities for sale there.

Some activities pictured on this site will need to be obtained at the TpT site.

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My name is Paul Murray.   I have been teaching Math since 1981, mostly as a classroom teacher in Pocatello, Idaho and since 2008 as a resource teacher/coach in Waterbury, Connecticut.  I hope other teachers will find these lessons and activities useful.


About the Common Core State Standards

Most of the activities presented here were not written to directly address a specific standard.  Indexing activities and assignments to individual standards can be, therefore, a little tricky. 

Where there is a clear connection between an activity and one or more standards, I have listed the standards either alongside the filename or with a cluster of filenames or activities.  This may be helpful to teachers who are required to specify which standard a given lesson addresses. 

For example:   (CCSS:  4.OA.3;  4.NBT.3)

(If you need that translated into English, please see the links below.)

The absence of reference to a standard doesn’t mean that an activity fails to address any standard – only that it doesn’t incorporate an individual standard’s content specifically and directly.

The standards are listed using the “dot notation” system.   For an explanation of this indexing system, or to download the Math standards, visit the Common Core Initiative site here:

Common Core State Standards Initiative | Mathematics | Home | Mathematics


This link has a printable copy of the Common Core Standards:




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