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Tiling and Partitioning (Fraction) Cards

These cards allow Kindergarteners to tile anything from a 6-inch square to a 6-foot table.   Later, as 2nd or 3rd Graders, they can use the same cards to create, identify, and compose fractions, and find equal fractions. 

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I've used these cards in conjunction with paper folding to introduce fractions for almost 30 years.  Now I bring them into enthusiastic K and Grade 1 students' classrooms to use as puzzle pieces. Two or more teachers, one at K-1 and one at 2-3, can share a single kit and get a lot of use out of it.....Read more

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A Math Bulletin Board that actually gets read…

In an earlier post (1½ years earlier, to be exact) I'd written about my interactive Math bulletin board that actually gets read and used.  I've since upgraded and expanded it.  It's open year-round now, with a lot more questions and response from my students....Read more

Write Word Problems about your Students!

"Hey!  This has your name in it!"   "There's my name!"   "Mr. Murray, did YOU write these?!"  All of a sudden they're interested in word problems.  You can insert your students' names into word problems ...... Read more

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