Coin Cards

Money cards 12 27 17.jpg

It's tough trying to teach students to count coins when they may not have much experience in handling money.  Pictures on a page are notoriously imprecise.  Plastic coins are better than nothing, I guess, but it still seems that students need to have handled real coins in order to recognize the plastic ones.

Here's one way to give students a good visual and tactile experience of coins.  The card is matting, 8-ply.  It's a thick matting and often can be obtained as scraps from framing or craft shops.  The text was copied several lines to a sheet of paper, cut into strips, and then cut to fit the length of the cards.  Then I use clear tape to attach the strip of text to the bottom half of the card.  Unfortunately it can't be laminated -- I don't know of a glue that will stick well enough to laminating material.

The coins are glued to the card using 100% silicone caulking, just a large dot on the underside of each coin.  You'd really have to work to pull those coins off.  This gives students a chance to feel the coin as a 3-dimensional object.   

The best solution, of course, is to have students using real coins.  I'll post my method to do that in a few days, after we're back in school.