Write your students' names into word problems! Your name here!

For decades, I've put my students' names into word problems.  It's funny...they get a paper, some of them look at it, and then the whispers start: "Hey!  This has your name in it!"   "There's my name!"   "Mr. Murray, did YOU write these?!"  All of a sudden they're interested in word problems.

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It was always just a matter of overtyping my  students' names into the same word problems I'd used the year before, and reprinting them.  Now I'm writing sets of word problems allowing teachers to do the same to post in my TPT store.   It 's fast and easy, as long as you have the problems.


I've just posted the first such set of problems in my TPT store:  single and 2-step word problems for 2nd and early 3rd graders, with 2-digit numbers requiring regrouping.  I'll have a set of multiplication and division work for 3rd graders by next week, with more to come.